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BOL.COM is the largest e-commerce site in the Netherlands. They recently celebrated 18 years in business. This is also the age where you can legally drive on your own in the Netherlands (and most European countries.) So naturally, marrying the two seemed like a fun concept.

Following a creative concept by BUUTVRIJ, asked free hand builder Joost de Boer of collective Schaalwerk, and us I O I A, to make a car from scratch. And though sells more than 15 million products, cars don’t happen to be one of those products.

We made the car from 223 items available at including a dog strap as seat belt, a grill plate for the car grill and spatulas as pedals. It took us 420 hours to complete the car, which is electric and fully operational. The car is 1.47 meters wide, 2.72 meters tall and weighs only 322.59 kilograms. If you are a DIY kind of person & you want to build the car yourself, you can order the complete kit here!

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Client ~
Concept ~ Buutvrij
Art Direction + Design ~ I O I A
Build ~ Joost de Boer, Schaalwerk
Photography ~ RVDA